Perl Mongers
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Date Topic Speaker
(Cox Enterprises)
jQuery(alert("Come learn some jQuery at the next Atlanta.PM")); [slides]Jason Noble

Left to right: Fabricio, Tom (seated), Shawn, Bruce Gray (seated), Ronny,
Brandon (seated), Jason Noble, Elliot, David, Mike (seated), Doug;
Not pictured: Aaron, Mike, Robin, Stephen Cristol

The after-meeting at the Cheesecake Factory.
Clockwise (around table): Elliot, Ronny, Bruce Gray,
David, Brandon, Jason Noble; Not pictured: Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
An Introduction to Template Toolkit [slides]David Myers

Left to right: David, Tom (seated), Jason Noble, Bruce Gray (seated), Mike,
Brandon (seated), Scott, Elliot; Not pictured: Stephen Cristol
2011-03-24 No meeting: Meetings moved from 4th to 1st Thursday of month
(Cox Enterprises)
GrowlScott Boss
perlcritic [CPAN]Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
Massive Distributed Data Mining ProjectRudy Lippan
Discussion of "Subroutines" related Perlcritic rulesStephen Cristol

Left to right: Rob, Yehudah, Scott (seated), David, Rudy (seated), Aaron,
Stacy, Brandon (seated), Ronny, Fabricio; Not pictured: Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
Procurring a Perl JobAri Waller
Perl Data StructuresBruce Gray

Left to right: Mike, Fabricio, Tom (seated), Ronny, Brandon, Bruce Gray (seated),
Scott, Ari, Michael, Kate; Not pictured: Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
Introduction to Chart::Clicker [CPAN]David Myers
YAPC HighlightsBruce Gray, Mike Weisenborn

Left to right: Rob, Tom (seated), Raoul, David, Bruce Gray(seated),
Mike (camel in hand), Scott (seated), TJ; Not pictured: Brandon

The after-meeting at the Cheesecake Factory.
Clockwise (around table): Bruce Gray, Rob, David, Scott, Brandon, TJ
(Cox Enterprises)
Perl Environmental Management [CPAN] [slides]Brandon Wood
Introduction to Hadoop streaming [info]Stephen Cristol

Left to right: Fabricio, David, Brandon, Tom (seated), Rob, Mike,
Bruce Gray (seated), Ronny, TJ; Not pictured: John, Stephen Cristol

The after-meeting at the Cheesecake Factory.
Clockwise (around table): Rob, Ronny, David, Tom,
Brandon, Bruce Gray; Not pictured: Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
KolkhozRudy Lippan
Rosetta CodeBruce Gray

Left to right: Ronny, Mike (seated), David, Rudy (seated), Brandon,
Bruce Gray (seated), Val, Stacy; Not pictured: Fabricio, John, Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
Monitoring for Urgent Email: using CPAN to solve a problemBruce Gray
(Cox Enterprises)
Database/SQL Basics [slides]Brandon Wood
Refactoring Red FlagsBruce Gray

Left to right: Yehudah, Fabricio, Brandon (seated), Ronny,
Bruce Gray (seated), Mike, Scott; Not pictured: John, Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
[Moose related]Mike Weisenborn

Left to right: Brandon, Fabricio, Bruce Gray, Mike, Elliot; Not pictured: John, Stephen Cristol

Clockwise (around table): Bruce Gray, Brandon, Elliot; Not pictured: Stephen Cristol