Perl Mongers
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Date Topic Speaker
2014-01-02 No meeting: New Years holiday
2014-02-06 No meeting: Weather cancelation
(Cox Enterprises)
Stop Panicking! Perl 6 is just like Perl 5 (where it counts)Bruce Gray

Left to right: David, Yehuda (seated), Stephen, Bruce Gray (seated), Sri,
Scott (seated), Brandon; Not pictured: George, Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
Bootstrapping BootstrapBrandon Wood
Code Jam 101Chip Whaley

Left to right: Chip, Sri (seated), Brandon, Bruce Gray,
Scott (seated), Yehudah; Not pictured: Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
Bootstrapping a useful development environment in 20 minutesHugh Hesco

Left to right: Steve, Bruce Gray (seated), Brandon,
Scott (seated), Hugh, Mike; Not pictured: Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
10 Things I Hate About You (the Original Author)Stephen Cristol

Left to right: Bruce Gray (seated), Len, Scott (seated), Dave,
Brandon, Sri (seated), Mike; Not pictured: Adam, Stephen Cristol
2014-07-03 No meeting: July 4th holiday
(Cox Enterprises)
YAPC HighlightsBruce Gray

Left to right: Yehudah (seated), Stephen, Brandon (seated),
Bruce Gray, Mike, Sri; Not pictured: George, JD, Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
Going to XSStephen Leonard

Left to right: Yehudah (seated), Mike, Stephen,
Bruce Gray; Not pictured: JD, Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
Binary SearchBruce Gray

Left to right: Stephen, Brandon, Bruce Gray, Mike; Not pictured: Stephen Cristol
(Jason's Deli)
Meet brain d foy-

Left to right: Unknown, Brandon (seated), Rob, Scott, brian d foy (seated),
Chip, Bruce Gray (seated), Elliot Holden; Not pictured: Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
Code Salad Surgery: Undoing the Coding HorrorsBruce Gray

Left to right: Bruce Gray (seated), Stephen, Brandon (seated),
Mike; Not pictured: George, Yehuda, Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
"Perl Advent Calendar"Bruce Gray

Left to right: Scott (seated), Stephen, Bruce Gray (seated),
Mike, Brandon (seated); Not pictured: Stephen Cristol