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Meeting topics from 2008. We started taking photographs at meetings in May. Please send corrections to Stephen.

Date Topic Speaker
(Cheesecake Factory)
Perl & Applescript [handout]Stephen Cristol
The "Don't Repeat Yourself" Principle and Data-Driven CodingBruce Gray
(Cheesecake Factory)
The Euclidean Algorithm [handout]Stephen Cristol
Discussion of "Logical operators and their precedence"Bruce Gray
(Cheesecake Factory)
Using the caller() function in debugging [handout]Stephen Cristol
Using Perl's Expect module [CPAN]Rob Osattin
(Cox Enterprises)
Symbolic ReferencesRob Osattin
Seeing is believing: Best practices for basic debuggingBruce Gray
(Cox Enterprises)
Coding Project: Organizational discussionRob Osattin
Taint: What it seems to be [perlsec] [handout]Stephen Cristol
Geocoding [CPAN] [Google Maps API] [slides & code]Christopher Fowler

Left to right: John, Rob, Chris, Jerald, Raoul, David, Bruce Gray, Louis;
Not pictured: Prashanth, Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
I'm not being defensive; you're being defensiveDr. Paula Bloom
Random numbers: What are they good for? [handout - available soon]Stephen Cristol

Left to right: Jim, Raoul, Violeta, George, Robert, Josh, David, Larry,
Eva, (unknown), Jason Noble, Chris, Rob, Bruce Gray; Not pictured: Sari, Stephen Cristol

Dr. Paula Bloom at Atlanta Perl Mongers
(Cox Enterprises)
Expect [slides & code]Christopher Fowler
Coding Group: A new direction [Phalanx Project] [CPAN] [atlanta-pm-code]Bruce Gray
Processing Lists [handout - available soon]Rob Osattin

Left to right: Chris, Aaron, Lorance, Bruce Gray, Eva, Jerald, Raoul, Elliot, Dave, Jason Noble, Rob; Not pictured: Stephen Cristol
(Home Depot,
Store Support Center)
Perl Second-Best PracticesRandal Schwartz (Merlyn)

In all, 42 Perl Mongers from Alabama, Florida, and Georgia
gathered to hear Merlyn. (Photograph courtesy of Jim Steiner.)

Our camel met with Merlyn's approval. (Photograph courtesy of Jim Steiner.)
(Cox Enterprises)
Asterisk Gateway Interface using Perl [CPAN] [Asterisk home]Christopher Fowler
Practical introduction to modern development tools (Part 1: Testing fundamentals)Bruce Gray

Left to right: Jim, Jerald, Chris, Jason Noble, Eva, Bruce Gray, David, Fabricio, John,
Brandon (seated), Lorance, Raoul, Rob; Not pictured: Daniel, Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) [slides & code]Christopher Fowler
Practical introduction to modern development tools (Part 2: Testing, Coverage analysis) [code]Bruce Gray

Left to right: Raoul, Jim, Rob, Chris (seated), Fabricio, Bruce Gray, Amanda,
Jerald, Jason Noble, Elliot, Mike (seated), Brandon; Not pictured: Stephen Cristol
(Cox Enterprises)
Practical introduction to modern development tools (Part 3: Version control) [subversion project]Bruce Gray

Left to right: Mitch, Jim, Anthony, Ron (seated), Darrell, Keayi, Faysal, Waduda (seated), Fabricio, Bruce Gray (seated), Elliot, Rob, Jason Noble; Not pictured: Stephen Cristol